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Sit back, relax and leave the heavy lifting to us. Now, you can sculpt your ideal body without lifting a finger with EMSCULPT NEO®. This FDA-cleared technology is the first and only non-invasive body sculpting procedure to combine simultaneous fat reduction and muscle building in one convenient 30-minute treatment. What sets EMSCULPT NEO apart is its unique combination of radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM®), designed to reveal the slimmer, trimmer contours you desire without any downtime.

We’ll let the clinical research speak for itself: Patients who participated in seven clinical trials with EMSCULPT NEO resulted in an average 25% muscle mass growth and 30% subcutaneous fat reduction.

EMSCULPT NEO can treat the following areas:






What to Expect

While you lay back and relax, we will apply the EMSCULPT NEO device to your target areas. Then we will activate the synchronized RF and HIFEM contractions which heat your fat cells and flex your muscle fibers. During treatment, you will feel intense muscle contractions and a heating sensation in your treated areas, comparable to the feeling of a hot stone massage. It’s a well-tolerated, 30-minute treatment. We can even control and adjust the power level in line with your preferred intensity level and comfort to help you achieve the best results. Once your treatment is over and we remove the applicator, you are free to get back to your daily routine — there is no downtime required.

Tips For Getting Your Best Results

  • To see optimal results, we recommend following the typical protocol for EMSCULPT NEO which is four 30-minute treatments, scheduled five to 10 days apart.
  • It’s important to note, this procedure is intended to help reduce fat and build muscle, not to lose weight. However, we’ve found it is more likely for clients to follow a fitness lifestyle as their strength and stamina increase from each treatment session. This may aid in overall weight loss in addition to keeping a healthy diet.



EMSCULPT NEO’s applicator simultaneously emits RF and HIFEM energies to build muscle mass and reduce fat. The RF heating quickly raises your muscle temperature by several degrees, like a warmup activity before a workout. By raising the temperature in your subcutaneous fat, the fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly expelled from the body. The result is an average 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.

At the same time, HIFEM energy is contracting your muscle fibers at intensities not achievable during a regular workout. This extreme stress forces your muscles to adapt, resulting in an average 25% growth in muscle volume.

For optimal results, we recommend undergoing four 30-minute treatments scheduled five to 10 days apart.
No, there is no downtime with EMSCULPT NEO. You are free to resume your normal daily activities immediately following treatment.
While each client’s results may vary, you should see final results three months after your last treatment.
EMSCULPT NEO has broad appeal as it can treat clients with a BMI of up to 35!

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