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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Physician-assisted weight loss is surging in popularity as more people struggle to attain real results from traditional diets. At Intentional Self Aesthetics, we’ve structured a medically supervised weight loss membership program that can help you lower body fat, improve energy and get on track to a happier, healthier life. Once we’ve discussed your overall health and your specific goals, we will create a personalized program to help you lose weight, and most importantly, keep it off.

Our medically supervised weight loss membership program includes:

Medical assessment for weight loss, including labs (A1C, TSH, CBC, etc.)

Gut health evaluation (if indicated)

Weight loss medications, including semaglutide (GLP-1), among others (metformin, Wellbutrin, etc.)

Nutritional assessment and program recommendations (consultation with a nutritionist)

One-on-one mindset coaching (monthly or bi-weekly)

Bi-weekly group coaching

Recommendations for exercise and sleep

What to Expect

Our medically supervised weight loss program begins with a physical examination and a weight loss consultation to discuss your concerns and goals. This customized plan may include diet, exercise and sleep recommendations, mindset coaching, group coaching and prescription weight-loss medications. The ultimate goal is for you to maintain a daily routine that will keep you focused and inspired throughout your weight loss journey.

Tips For Getting Your Best Results

  • Maintain realistic expectations throughout your program. We will analyze factors such as metabolic rate and your body’s water, muscle and fat composition to determine how much weight you can safely lose over a specific period of time.

Before & Afters

FAQ: Medically Supervised Weight Loss


Medically supervised weight loss is completed under the guidance of a medical professional for the purpose of losing weight. It is designed to be more efficient than traditional weight loss programs and keep you disciplined and driven to succeed. This is done through behavior modifications like meal replacement plans, increased exercise, mindset coaching and occasionally the use of weight-loss medications.
Mindset coaching focuses on developing and maintaining a positive mindset. As a part of this program, a mindset coach will work with you one-on-one to identify and overcome mental barriers holding you back from reaching your full potential. Through various techniques and strategies, the primary goal of mindset coaching is to help you adopt a more optimistic, growth-oriented mindset regarding your weight loss journey.
Semaglutide is an injectable weight loss medication. Semaglutide is designed to help obese or overweight clients who may also have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure lose weight. When used in tandem with your other medically supervised weight loss programs, like diet and exercise, semaglutide suppresses appetite to allow you to feel fuller longer. This medication makes it easier to reduce your caloric intake and safely lose weight with a series of injections.
To find out if you are a good candidate, please schedule a consultation with us today.

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We love hearing from our clients!