Skinny Shot

Skinny Shot

Skinny Shot

Skinny Shot

Make the most of your active lifestyle by increasing energy production, burning fat and boosting overall metabolism with the skinny shot, a powerful weight loss supplement. Also referred to as a lipotropic injection, a skinny shot is a solution of fat-burning nutrients and vitamins, each of which plays a key role in breaking down fat, distributing energy and removing toxins from the body. Skinny shots are tailored for active individuals who are seeking support throughout their weight loss journey. Key skinny shot ingredients include methionine, inositol, choline and vitamin B12, all of which have their own unique health benefits.

Skinny Shot can help:

Boost overall metabolism

Speed fat burning

Prevent fat accumulation in the liver

Increase energy levels

Improve hormonal balance

Support the digestive system

What to Expect

Once we determine whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment, we will design a skinny shot treatment regimen tailored to your needs and weight loss goals. Skinny shots can be administered in the arm or other areas of subcutaneous fat like the buttocks, abdomen or thigh. The shots are generally pain-free; you may feel a slight stinging sensation which will dissipate quickly. Once you begin your treatment plan, you should experience fast-acting results.

Tips For Getting Your Best Results

Skinny shots are meant to complement, not replace, other weight loss efforts such as diet and exercise. The effectiveness of your treatment regimen will be dependent on your active participation in leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s also important to set realistic expectations and be patient as results can vary from person to person and will be gradual.

FAQ: Skinny Shot


Skinny shots allow you to supercharge your body with essential nutrients for well-functioning metabolism, including:

  • Methionine: Supports the digestive system by removing heavy metals and breaking down fat deposits. This helps prevent possible fat build-up in the arteries. Methionine can also be converted to cytosine which is essential in detoxifying the liver.
  • Inositol: Speeds up the metabolism by converting food into energy.
  • Choline: Speeds up muscle recovery and helps convert fat into energy.
  • Vitamin B12: Converts fat into energy and is vital for red blood cell production. Optimal levels of vitamin B12 help keep your blood and nerve cells healthy and prevent megaloblastic anemia.
Skinny shots can start working immediately to help improve your body’s metabolism. Typically, the most noticeable weight loss improvements occur within a 30-day period.
Lipotropic injections are generally safe for a wide range of individuals. Ideal candidates are those who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and utilize this treatment as a complement to other weight loss efforts like diet and exercise.