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The unsung hero in skin care, dermaplaning is a simple exfoliating tool that uses a sterile blade to gently remove the outermost layer of skin cells and vellus hairs (peach fuzz) on your face. Dermaplaning creates a smooth canvas to prime your skin for flawless makeup application and enhanced absorption of skin care products. With a series of treatments, you can achieve smooth, radiant skin in the short term while preventing signs of aging over time. Dermaplaning can be performed on its own or added to another professional skin treatment for a boost of skin-enhancing benefits.

Dermaplaning can help:

Reveal silky-smooth skin

Exfoliate dead, dull skin cells

Remove fine peach fuzz hair

Enhance product absorption

Boost results of professional skin treatments

Create the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application

What to Expect

During this relaxing treatment, we will use a sterile blade to gently scrape away dead skin cells and peach fuzz, revealing intensely smooth and refreshed skin. You may experience some temporary redness following your treatment, which will quickly subside on its own.

Tips For Getting Your Best Results

  • In the weeks following your treatment, be vigilant about applying a broad-spectrum, SPF 30+ sunscreen to your face as your skin will be sensitive to sun exposure.

Before & Afters

FAQ: Dermaplaning


Dermaplaning is a simple 30-minute treatment.
Almost anyone can enjoy the smoother, more refreshing results of dermaplaning. We will determine if this treatment is right for you during your consultation with our skin care experts.
No. Dermaplaning is a relaxing, well-tolerated treatment, using gentle exfoliation to remove the outermost layer of your skin.
There is no downtime following your gentle dermaplaning treatment. You are free to resume your regular activities immediately.

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We love hearing from our clients!

We love hearing from our clients!